Sharepoint best practice with D365 Sales and more...

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Hi all,


first of all I am an IT Professional but not an expert on Sharepoint. I have a general understanding on how it works and basic administration of SP. I have posted that same question in the D365 forums but did not get any response after one week. I guess it is too technical for sales people. So I really appreciate any help on this topic.


What we have:

- Dynamics 365 Sales (obviously) online
- Everything else on-prem (AD, Exchange...)
- Azure AD with AAD connect sync, so online login with on-prem domain credentials is possible
- Sharepoint 2013 Foundation
- Sharepoint online site for Dynamics 365 Sales


What we want:

- Sharepoint installation online or on-prem that can be used by other departments together with the sales people
- Documents from D365 sales should be accessible for people in other departments but each department should also have its own area (site?)


Questions that came up:

- Is it possible to export the current content of the 2013 foundation and import it into Sharepoint online, esp. the site which is used by D365?
- Is it possible to reconfigure D365 Sales to not use an online Sharepoint site but an on-prem? If yes, will I be able to move the current content located online to the Sharepoint on-prem?
- At the moment we configured permissions in Sharepoint online manually but I know there are 3rd party tools to sync the permissions with D365. If I use one of the tools will I still be able to configure additional permissions for other users that do not use D365 sales?
- What else could be the best approach on accomplishing this?


I know migration from Sharepoint 2013 foundation to 2016/2019 on prem is another topic so this should not be addressed here.


Thanks in advance for any helpful comments


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Have you ever received an update on this?



No, I did not. Actually I totally forgot about this post because we dismissed the requirement that lead to the question.



I appreaciate you replying on this.


Thank you!