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I’m looking for external sharepoint online backup site.
Does anyone have suggestions? 

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Any special reason external backup site? Have you check-out the built-in one in SharePoint that you get with Syntex?

A solution I've seen at some of our clients are AvePoint and Veeam, both solution seems good.

@NicolasKheirallah I have not tried the one with syntax. How would that work? 

I am waiting to make sure that all the data is not house in one place just in case.

I would honestly recommend you to keep it within M365, Anything else will become another plattform to maintaince, complexity and annoyinace for the user etc,


It's not like M365 or Microsoft is going away anytime soon or going down. 

So it is not available yet? I just did the sign up. Not sure if I’m missing something on how to get? Or is it already in the online interface and I need to go look.
It's in preview but will be GA soon.
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Hi Nicktrom55,

My customers are using Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365.


Backups are transferred to an AWS S3 bucket, so they are outside of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem (cf. the 3-2-1 backup rule).

When using a third-party solution, please always check that the product is able to backup all components, such as SharePoint list, etc.