Sharepoint automatic document generation




I am trying to build a system on sharepoint site so the site can generate word documents from a list..


1. I create a team site, add site columns and content type of type:Documents




2. then I create one list for the entries, add the columns from existing site columns

3. then I create two libraries, one is for template, and one is where the word documents should be stored




and add the content type and columns from existing ones, and I add Quickparts (Fields) to the template so it returns the list data to the word document



4. I set my template as default in the libraries


then I have tried all the flows available online to generate the documents, all of them do actually generate "Files", but I have 2 problems, one is this file generation does not return the list items, for example the generated document will look like this:




second problem is that the document library will not generate "Word Documents", it generates a file that cannot be opened nor previewed online, you will have to download it and open it with MS word like the image below




This is the flow I created that generates the file



I need your help please..


Thank you

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