SharePoint App on iOS - Additional credentials error

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I am getting the following error when access a SharePoint Online site via the SharePoint app on iOS


"To view the information on this page, you need to verify your identity. Click to provide additional credentials."




The screen gradually just fills up with the same error repeating itself.  Clicking the "Click to provide additional credentials" just returns a blank screen and nothing happens.


The user has contribute permissions at site level.  Another (might be related) issue is the user has to open the site twice, when they tap the link to the site from the "sites tab" they just get a blank page.  They need to go back and tap it a second time and the page loads but this error appears.  The only thing on the page is a document library web part.  The site is using a modern team site template.


iOS version 13.2.2

SharePoint for iOS version 4.13.3


When the user accesses the site via a PC there are no errors and they can access everything contained within the site.


Any thoughts?




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We have faced this issue also when browsing SPO sites on the browser....I believe there is an issue happening with authentication on SharePoint Sites that needs to be fixed by Microsoft

We are seeing this same error as well after upgrading to iOS 13, or iPad OS.

We also get the blank screen the first time in, go back out, then it shows after clicking the link again.  The page is rendering the same as a PC browser because there is extra information at the top making even less usable real estate on the screen of an iPad.

The page navigation also is messed up because after clicking on links within the pages, instead of the "upper left" back arrow stepping you back out with the same "breadcrumb" path it just plops you back at the SharePoint iOS "find" screen.

The error seems to only happen on pages with Document Libraries, which for us, is pretty much every page.

Please help fix this Microsoft as it has become very inconvenient.