Sharepoint App - Default page?

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Is there a way to have a default "home" when you open a site in the SharePoint app?


Right now I think it defaults to "activity", but lets say I have a very specific page, and when a user opens that particular Site in the app, I want that to be the first thing the user sees.


Do we have this capability currently?


I would see it as a per-site setting where you could choose a list, a library, a page, the activity feed, or the site navigation as the default opening view.

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AFAIK no and I'm not aware of any work in this direction

Any updates to set the default to Home when user opens the Sharepoint Mobile App?



It looks like this is being worked on per the SharePoint user voice site:

It's 2022 getting close to 2023. Anyone have any updates on setting the default home screen? I've been searching for answers with no luck.
Can someone at Microsoft please respond to this. i.e. can we force the SharePoint app to open the Homepage (as per 'Home') on for sites rather than the activity feed?

has there been any update to this?  It's now April 2023 and we'd still like to be able to do this@SSpooner