Sharepoint app bug

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Hi, i've had some problems with the sharepoint app. Some sites works and others do not,  the weird thing is that these sites works the first time but not the second time. After removing the account cache inside the app does it work the first time again. However this is only on IOS so is it possible that IOS blocks the sharepoint app from storing cache? Or maybe not block but have problems with storing?


btw, I'm just receiving "something went wrong" after the first time attempting to go in some sites.

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I'm having the same issue - cant access any document libraries within our Team Site on iOS - both on iPad Pro and iPhone. "Something went wrong" message shows up each time I try.
Yea i know, try to remove stored cache in account settings. Works one time for me but the next time doesn't it. So apparently is there somthing wrong with storing cache


I have also this problem.

have you found any solve method?