SharePoint Anyone Link Greyed Out for only some members

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Hi Everyone.


Not sure what is going on. I am a SharePoint Admin and have allowed external sharing/turned on.


Everything works perfectly fine for me. HOWEVER, I have some members that it works okay for and other members where the option is still greyed out.


Why is this only affecting some people? Am I missing a setting?



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Hi @swinnings - Some questions that may help find the issue:

  • are these all happening on the same site? I ask because if someone else at your company has access to the admin center, maybe they changed the settings for that other site.
  • From the SP admin center, are there specific groups who are allowed to share with 'anyone' or is it open for all?
  • On that site, in the Site Permissions, are members allowed to share the site or only owners? see: Changing the "Allow members to share" SharePoint site Access Requests setting using Office Dev PnP -...
  • Are the ones who can't share with anyone licensed users or guests?