Sharepoint and PowerAutomate Question.

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I am trying to develop a tool that would be used to offer career and tutor advice to students. The concept is after navigating to a sharepoint site, and selecting a "submit new form button." A Student would fill out an intake form with specific information that once saved would automatically email a specific individual the details of the question. The idea is that the intake form would have limited drop downs that would direct the question and a final free text box to give specific information. For instance if a selected dropdown would be "career advice" then the next box would be "certifications" an email would be sent with the final question to specific users. Is there a public domain sharepoint/power automate code that might be able to help with this or individuals able to help me build this? 

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This can be something to explore the combination of SharePoint, PowerApps and Power Automate, might be some PowerBi if any kind of Dashboard or analytics is needed.