SharePoint and Power BI: Field Not Read in BI - Number Assigned Instead

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Hello All,

There are probably 1000+ better workarounds, but here’s my situation.


I need to connect SharePoint Lists to Power BI (which is pretty easy). However, I have a field on the list called Owner of Issue, a Person field pulling from Outlook.



Power BI cannot read this name and instead assigns a number in its place.




What would you suggest as a workaround for this? Is there a way to create a field hidden on the list that changes this to text? I don’t want to remove the Outlook element as I have conditions built of this already.


If I brought this in as text, Salesforce would read it, and I could use it in my reporting.

Thank you!


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Hi @EricParsons 


You need to match those Id's with the data existing in a sharepoint list called "User Information List".

User information list is a "hidden" list in the sharepoint site with the user mapping using that Id value.

Note that each sharepoint site has it's own User Information List and users can have different Id's between sites.