Sharepoint and Dynamics 365 integration

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I am implementing Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and focusing on Sales and Customer Service. I started with sales and now I find myself in a situation where I don't really know how to implement SharePoint integration.

The SharePoint I want to connect to consist of 3 separate sites, being that 1 is for the sales and marketing team, 1 for the service team and 1 for management.

Concerning Dynamics, I would like to integrate Quotes to the Sales site and Cases to the service team site and also I would like to avoid those automatically created folder because they get a huge and unfriendly name.

I already did some research but haven´t found very recent discussions on the subject.

What would you recommend?

Best regards.

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Hi @DannyBoy65 ,


The only integration I have seen over the years is to use SharePoint as a "Dump" for the CRM files. Connecting up a site collection to store all files. I haven't seen a way of saying store x files here in a nice order. 


The document dump makes not sense in terms of a user going in and viewing it and shouldn't be recommended to be used that way.


FYI setting it up this way does not replicate the CRM permissions so secured data will not be secured in SharePoint unless you buy a 3rd party tool to replicate the permission  model.


Hi @Andrew Hodges,


Thank you for your reply. I've taking my time with this, mostly because I don´t want to create a mess on Sharepoint.


So far I got rid of the GUID (credits: on folder naming and also looked up a document location strategy ( but it is seems a bit cumbersome.


I think maybe with flow something might be achieved...