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i have sharepoint and two shared folders in network wich content documents pdf, xls and image

i would like to make library with permission limited to access those content without import in local sharepoint server.

limited permission is view only without download or upload

is it possible in sharepoint 2013?


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@lara2005 Hi! I am not sure what you mean: What are you trying to do with your permission level? Are you a Member of a Site in SharePoint and are you trying to share a link to other members in your Tenant? If you could share more information, it would be helpful...


Greets from Eva.

@Eva Vogel thanks for your reply

i have single server Sharepoint on Windows Server 2012

two folder A, B shared in network same of Sharepoint, content documents pdf xls and images

One Domain Windows and users

how to make library in sharepoint of two folders to give users access with permissions

permissions example view only 



@lara2005  I made a video for you :smile: hope you like it. It shows the permissioning on 2 folders and also how to change member level into read only level. Hope that helps and if so, pls. give a LIKE.


All the best from Eva.

@Eva Vogel thanks for your video

i add to you that twho folder are shared in two station pc , not on local of server sharepoint

how make library on those remote folder


Hi! Are you online with these 2 folders??? You have to open your SharePoint site in your browser. I guess you are a member? 

@Eva Vogel 

no i am not online with those two folders

folder A in Pc A

folder B in Pc B

Libray sharepoint in server C

users in domain server D

in browser user open library, can access or not to those folder on depend his permissions

thanks a lot for your helps


Hi, I am sorry. You cannot change anything without being online. Pls. Ask your site owner. He or she is responsible to this permissions topic.