Sharepoint Alerts via email

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Hi, I wonder if anyone can help with this query regarding SharePoint?

I would like to set up an alert that is sent to nominated email addresses, that covers the following:

When a new item is added, and the information contained in the new item that is relevant to the recipient.

Generate an alert when specific items in a list have been changes. I'd like to define what these items are in SharePoint.

When an item is removed.

Is this possible? I've looked at Alerts, but it doesn't appear to let you define specific items, it just alerts you when something has changed. The recipient doesn't need to know a change in all instances.


Hope that makes sense! Thanks



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I think you should look into Microsoft PowerAutomate. Sounds like you have some business logic that needs to be applied before sending an alert.
Have you considered creating views in the list that highlight the items that meet your business logic? this way you can have the users check the list themselves to see if there is anything they need to do, and you reduce the amount of emails.