SharePoint Alerts- O365 groups/Mail enabled secuirty groups not receiving alerts ftom sharepoint

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Hello Colleagues,


We have issue in sharepoint online, where we configured alerts on lists and libraries to receive alerts to mail enabled security groups and O365 groups, but we are not receiving any alerts.


Is this behaviour is by design or its an issue?

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I am experiencing this exact same issue.

I have found the Microsoft guidance article '', which states that 'It is not possible to send alerts to Distribution or O365 groups. Only mail-enabled security groups are supported.'

However, I've tested mail-enabled security groups and when I click create alert, it closes the windows and shows the list/library again, however there are no alerts created.

Please can someone help, are there any pre-requisites to get this setup? Has anyone been successful setting up an alert for a group in SharePoint Online?

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Can you try using new Rules feature instead of alerts if it helps for your requirements?


ReferenceRules in SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists 

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Hi, thanks for your reply, but that won't work as rules only apply to named user(s).


Create a rule to automate a list or library (

"You can specify a person, or multiple individuals, but not a group email address."