SharePoint 2019 vs SharePoint Online - Comparison

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Hello Everyone,

My client is willing to implement SharePoint 2019 in its environment but before we can take decision client is willing to do an evaluation of the features of SharePoint 2019 vs. SharePoint Online, especially related Advanced Compliance features.  Can you help with this?




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What kind of help you need here? If your client is looking to have good compliance features, he should go to Office 365 and SPO

Hi Juan Carlos,

Thanks for the reply. I am looking for the compliance features being offered by SharePoint 2019 On-Prim. We wanted to compare both on-prim and  SPO and then would take the decision.





You could start with the SharePoint Online service description, which compares also with SharePoint Server, though it doesn't mention 2019.


SharePoint Online Service Description


Also, check out the resources mentioned here - Announcing General Availability of SharePoint Server 2019, like the reviewer’s guide and further info here and here.


I'd personally evaluate both solutions perhaps (trial versions) or work with a Microsoft partner to assist with this and compare them directly. It's a big decision unless there are very specific reasons to go on-prem, Online is predominantly the way forward but it really depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Thanks for the valuable information .. Can we use "Security & Compliance" features of 0365 if we plan for Hybrid deployment in SharePoint 2019.

Thanks Manoj

There are many considerations but one of the big benefits of SPO is the continuous innovations that will hit the service but not make it to the server for years. The other big consideration is that compliance, security, and other features are really hardened by the O365 platform vs. being specific to server. A good example is file auditing in OneDrive which is a huge compliance issue. These are just a few examples.  If you haven't seen it, I'd take a look at the O365 roadmap for SharePoint among other services:


Best of luck!