Sharepoint 2019 - PDF upload issues

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Hello Everyone, 

I am having this new problem where sharepoint is not accepting pdf files from the upload option on the site page. I can upload pdf files in the document library but that is long work around - especially for users. I am running sharepoint 2019 as a single farm on-prem. Please help. 




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@why_dude I am afraid I was unable to replicate this at my end.

Couple of things I will like to know so that I can debug in better way.

  1. What is the size of the file you are trying to upload?
  2. Is file scanned or textual PDF?
  3. Are you directly adding the file in to a file viewer?

As a workaround: You can upload the file to a Document library or one drive and refer the file from their that should work.


Hope this helps!



Hello Dude,

same problem here. Sharepoint 2019 on Premise.

I'm not able to upload PDF files to filevieiwer on modern page.

Only office documents are allowed and shown as suffix in upload dialoog.

Any solution in the meantime?

thank you


has anyone solved the problem decades later?
This issue persists in Sharepoint Subscription Edition also.