SharePoint 2019 on-premises custom theme using a PowerShell script

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I am on SharePoint 2019 on-premises with May 2023 CU.  I see Gear, Change the Look.  Current theme.  I want to set COMPANYTHEMEHERE as the theme.  I have done so in SharePoint Online however I have to use PNP and I do NOT have that on-premises.

I go to help on the SharePoint 2019 on-premises site and it takes me to - SharePoint site theming.


I have gone to the Theme Generator Tool - and I have a basic theme.  I am only changing the color of our site from SharePoint teal to our company branded color.


I go to the SharePoint site theming: PowerShell cmdlets:

THIS is taking me to information about SharePoint ONLINE and NOT on-premises, which in SharePoint 2019 I am on-premises!

What am I missing as I would like for a way to update the color of the theme on-premises.



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@Matthew Carter , Did you find a solution for this? I have a same issue.