SharePoint 2019 Home Page - Search Query Returns 401 Unauthorized

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When working with SharePoint 2019, executing a Search query  from the SharePoint Home/Start Page (i.e., sharepoint.aspx) results in 401 unauthorized. This only occurs when setting a Global Search Center URL (which is part of the requirements).


See for background.


We have two hosts:


The former hosts the Global Search Center and the latter hosts the SharePoint Home Page (sharepoint.aspx). If you run a search query, the following request is sent (supposing I search for the value "test").



If I don't have a Global Search Center URL specified, then the search api query shown above will be sent to the MySites host and all is well. However, in this cross-domain scenario, where invokes the search api call on, it results in a 401 unauthorized response. My OPTIONS request (prior to the GET call) does pass with a 200 OK, so this doesn't appear to be CORS related on the surface; not dismissing any explanations though :)


Any advice on this? Have you successfully set this up and seen it work - mysites host calling the search api on a different host (due to having Global Search Center configured) through the SharePoint Home Page (sharepoint.aspx)?



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I implemented a work-around. I created a new Enterprise Search Center site collection on the MySites host. Then, I set that URL in the site collection Search settings for said web application. Now, MySites no longer goes cross domain but still has the full power of Enterprise Search.