SharePoint 2019 change going to mysite when clicking on SharePoint text to the root site

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In SharePoint I LOVE it that I can have my colleagues click on the company logo / organizational logo and it will take people back to the root site!




I have a SharePoint 2019 on-premises March 2022 CU Enterprise Edition environment / farm and I would like to change the default option of it from mysites to / the root site.


This is the activity when people hover over and or press on it, it takes them to their mysites.  Is there a way to update that to go to the root site?  I do have them go to the app launcher, to SharePoint and then I have a link "Featured Links" to go to the root site.  However, that's not easy, and a bunch of clicks.



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@Matthew Carter 


I am also trying to fix that, did you manage to fix it? if yes please share the steps.