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We have .net Framework 4.8 installed instead of 4.7.2. Can we use this to install SharePoint 2019 ? Will it be supported to have 4.8 version of dot net also installed as we have already installed it prior to SP installation.

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SharePoint Framework installer will intall .NET Framework 4.7.2 as described here:

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Actually i need to know, if we install .net FX 4.8 on SP 2019 Server, then will it break anything? this is because supported .net FX for SP 2019 on software requirements is 4.7.2.



@Shahid Roofi Khan While I haven't done this, theoretically you shouldn't have a problem with this. .NET Framework 4.8 is backwards compatible. 4.7.2 is the minimum required version for SharePoint 2019