SharePoint 2016 Server - mquery.js event deprecation

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Hello everyone,


On May 31 2023, Google Chrome announced that mutation events are deprecated and will be removed from the browser starting on its 127 version which goes to stable release on July 30 2024 (


In the meantime, I've noticed in 3 different SharePoint 2016 Server environments that the javascript library mquery.js contains some of these deprecated events such as "DOMSubtreeModified" and "DOMNodeRemoved":

Sorry about the bad qualitySorry about the bad quality

Since I want to avoid touching on this library by trying to replace these events by the MutationObserver alternative, is there any known solution (eg: official patch) or workaround for this?


Thank you all in advance.


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When I used to manage on-prem environments, I would look at the following blog before performing any patches.

You can probably throw in your question about the patch relating to your question about the deprecated event in one of the SP2016 patch update blogs.
Will do it! Thanks!
The SharePoint Product Group is aware of this and is planning to address this in a PU ahead of time.

Same happens on SharePoint 2019, so description and tags should be extended. :upside_down_face: