SharePoint 2013 User Profile Error

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My current issue is that users with a specific username who are deleted, when the username is reused after 30 days the user profile information from the previous user is loaded like below;



I've ensured the profile sync is running and have manually ran a full sync but this remains the same, like shown in the picture on the people picker for the permission area the details are correct but when loaded into the site they are not.


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi @alistair1605 ,

So that means that the on a site collection level you still get the information of the old user?

Then the old user is still cached in the "UserInformationList" of that site. 
Go to 




and remove that user from there.

if the problem is on the other hand that the old UserProfile is still filled with the "old" Information, then go to the "Central Administration" and delete that profile from  the "User Information service" first. Then re-sync  and let the user login into SharePoint at least once.  Then delete the user from all the "UserInformationList"-Lists in all sites.

In general it is not a good idea to "re-use" username/userids. This could lead to huge security problems on some systems. On other systems like SharePoint it leads to much work, as you need to remove many cached informations.

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