SharePoint 2013 Search Repository Latency

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We are currently investigating potential issues with some latency issues within SharePoint Search on SharePoint 2013.  We have a few questions regarding the SharePoint repository latency.


In the SharePoint search crawl logs, is it typical for the repository latency to be set to '0' after so many days?  In our case, it is 15 days.  We were hoping to go back and compare the latency from 3 months ago to detail if there is a latency issue somewhere (whether it is SharePoint, network, etc).


How can we get a detailed latency report if clicking on the link under repository latency column returns 'sorry, something went wrong   -- column with name 'HybridParserTimeAvg' was not found.'  This error shows up for any jobs less than 15 days old but anything older than, it works fine except that it doesn't show any latency due to it being set to '0'.


Any pointers or tips would greatly be appreciated.

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