SharePoint 2013 - Linking two lists

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I have two lists that need to work in conjunction with one another. When one list has an item created, the other list needs to be populated by others as comments. How do I get the second list to generate the required lines so the comments can be made? Further to this, we have to use out of the box techniques to make this work. They do not want scripting and I am not a scripting guru.



I have a list called RFS. When someone enters an RFS request, there are contributed who are responsible to analyze the request and make comments in a Feedback list. The comments then are put into the RFS list so that everyone can see. I want to automate it as much as possible to minimize the manual nature due to the lack of technical skills by some of the people. Also, if it is not complicated enough, I could have more than one person who needs to respond from different areas.


Any help would be appreciated.




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