Sharepoint (2013) is making new versions without saving or changing the document

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Sinds an update from Microsoft in Februari we have some problems in our Sharepoint list.


When you open a Word document by clicking on the name of the document (wait for the document panel to appear), than close it without any changes, a new version is made.

Note: When opening the document a message with read only appears. We don't click on 'edit document'. When closing the document, the message is still there, so we still have it open in Read only mode.


When the approval workflow has been started, it is impossible for the approver to check the content of the document. When the approver opens the document and closes it after checking the content (without changing anything!) the workflow rejects the document. 

-) This part is solved by changing the workflow. On item change -) do nothing (in stead of reject item on change)


Deleting documents, version history, or workflow history does not help.


We found 3 workarounds:


1. Open the document by clicking on the menu (...) and then 'open'. 

Opening the document like this wil not give a new version. Read only message is not there. Document panel gives no problems.

Not easy for our users that are used to click on the name.


2. Open the document by using download a copy

Even more complex for users that the previous option


3. Change the column 'Name (linked to document with edit menu)' to 'Name (for use in forms)'

You are now missing the edit menu. It is not easy to open a document and publishing is even harder. Not an option for our users.

3a. Add the column 'Edit (link to edit item)' Will give the result of columns that are not in line with the content anymore.




- Only Word documents

- Opening by clicking on the name

- If you close it before the document panel (Sharepoint properties) appears, there is no new version.

- A message with Read only appears (we don't click on edit document)


Does someone has the same problem? And can someone help us?

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@Difrale we have the same problem with Excel 365 and SharePoint 2013. 
increments the file name each time it’s opened. (01), (02), etc. 

Does anybody have an update of this issue ?


After a few months, we don't seem to have this problem anymore. 

This is including a few reboots of our server. Maybe you can try that.


We solved the approval problem (document was automatically rejected, because the flow noticed a change in the document while reviewing, because of the autosave) by changing the behavior of the 'cancel' option in the workflow. By change, the flow will not be cancelled anymore.