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I have being tasked with setting up a Sharepoint group which has read only permissions to some manuals in a document library, they are allowed to see the major and minor version, download the files to read them, but not upload them again.

Can anyone help with this? I have a Viewers group, but they can't see the minor versions.

We are using on prem Sharepoint.



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In SharePoint 2013, you can achieve this by configuring the permissions on the document library along with versioning settings. Here are the steps to set up a SharePoint group with read-only permissions that allow viewing both major and minor versions but prevent uploading:

  1. Create a New SharePoint Group:
    • Go to your SharePoint site.
    • Click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner and select "Site Settings."
    • Under the "Users and Permissions" section, click on "People and groups."
    • Click on "New" to create a new SharePoint group (e.g., "Readers").
  2. Assign Read-Only Permissions:
    • After creating the group, navigate to the document library where you want to apply these permissions.
    • Click on the library to open it.
    • From the ribbon at the top, click on the "Library" tab.
    • Click on "Library Settings."
  3. Permission Settings:
    • Under "Permissions and Management," click on "Permissions for this document library."
  4. Stop Inheriting Permissions:
    • Click on "Stop Inheriting Permissions" from the ribbon.
  5. Remove Existing Groups:
    • If there are existing groups with permissions, you may need to remove them.
  6. Add the "Readers" Group:
    • Click on "Grant Permissions" from the ribbon.
    • Add the "Readers" group and give it "Read" permissions.
  7. Versioning Settings:
    • To allow viewing both major and minor versions, go back to the library settings.
    • Under "General Settings," click on "Versioning settings."
    • Select the option "Create major versions" and "Create minor (draft) versions."
  8. Prevent Uploading:
    • To prevent users from uploading documents, you need to set unique permissions on the library's "New" button.
    • In the library settings, under "General Settings," click on "Advanced settings."
    • Under "Edit access," select "Create items and edit items that were created by the user."

This configuration allows the "Readers" group to view both major and minor versions, download files, but not upload new documents. Users will still be able to use the "New" button to create new documents, but they will not be able to upload files from their local machines.

Please make sure to test these settings in a non-production environment to ensure they meet your specific requirements and do not impact other users.

My knowledge of the topic is limited, but since no one has answered yet, even though it has been read many times, I posted the question in various AIs and found the above suggested solution for you. The proposed solution is untested.



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