SharePoint 2013 EXIF data lost from jpg image files

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We upload jpg images to our SharePoint 2013 site, and have noticed that we lose the EXIF data (lat / long) from the jpg. A a third party app which produced the images. 


I have noticed which discusses SharePoint Online indicates some changes - it is unclear whether this affects on-premise versions of SharePoint. 


Is there a way to maintain the EXIF data in SharePoint 2013?

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@mbalcarek It is not obvious, reading your linked Microsoft article, what underlying platform capability that is no longer available. Similar issue found in this post regarding SharePoint online 

However a comment on this uservoice indicates it is working again .?!


If it really have been removed from SharePoint online I would expect it to be removed somewhere down the migration path for on premise as well. But it depends on what that particular platform capability is.

Anyway the EXIF properties could be saved by developing a custom upload of your images as also suggested in the Microsoft article., both for on prem and online .

Br. Rasmus 

For SharePoint Online the functionality was lost because of changes in the underlying OS. Looks like something similar has happened on your on-premise SharePoint 2013 farm.
One possible way forward for your SharePoint 2013 environment is to upload the images using tools that supports EXIF metadata extraction.

e.g. here
Another way forward is develop a custom solution.
did you recently upgrade the OS?

best response confirmed by mbalcarek (Copper Contributor)

EXIF data (10/23/2020) is retained in jpg files in SharePoint 2013.

I have tested SharePoint 2013 with EXIF data from first principals:

  1. first manually uploading jpg file to SharePoint and then downloading it, and it retains the EXIF data
  2. using CSOM code to upload the file and then manually down load it, and it retains the EXIF data
    1. Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.File.SaveBinaryDirect(context, doclibRelativeUrl, fs, true);

I used to check for the metadata .


Looks like our issue may be related to our 3rd party software, or the code used to upload the images. My apologies for wasting everyone's time here.


Good to hear the problem is solved. SharePoint does not alter existing properties in images like EXIF.

FYI: there are also tools that allow you to view the EXIF (and other metadata formats) directly in SharePoint. See e.g. here or here