SharePoint 2010 Workflow Retirement in M365 Blog Post Lock

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So I see this blog has now been locked for no further comment, looks to also have 35k+ views compared to the 2k average for other blog posts...


It seems this is a hot topic, obviously MS have the analytics on usage and determined it was time to move, but discussions is being stifled. What was the prompt to lock the post @Chris McNulty 

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I agree @Warwick Ward .


Does anyone know why this post was locked? I was lucky enough to get my reply in before it was locked (mine was the last).


@Chris McNulty - Why was the post locked? Has Microsoft changed the deadline to actually match the stated SLA for a disruptive change?

@DeletedMS really brought down the hammer on this one 


Won't be the last I guess, maybe SharePoint Classic pages will be read-only by 1st January 2021...