SharePoint 2010 - Web Application is Not accessible - Getting Strange Issue

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We got a strange PROD issue like one of our web application is not accessible. All the site collections underneath also is not accessible. Any help is appreciated. 

Please find the details below

PS Signature Name HTTP: SQL Injection (SELECT)

IPS Signature Description : This filter detects SQL injection attacks involving the "SELECT" SQL statement.  The specific vulnerability exists due to the lack of input sanitization to the HTTP parameter. An attacker can leverage this vulnerability to execute arbitrary commands under the security context of the server.  User authentication is not required to exploit this vulnerability. Note: Some web applications use SQL injection as part of their functionality. This filter may block requests to these applications. The above information has been shared by our network team.


The above details are found when users are trying to click button in  application page.Page is getting blocked from Network load balanced side.How can i over come this issue,Kindly help me to debug the above issue .


Thanks in advance Mahesh s

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Hi! Could be a lack of basic security settings like https instead of http which is of weird if it’s so... pls check the ssL and TLS settings on your Server. And content Editor Webparts/ Workflows and Buttons formerly designed in SP Designer could also be blocked.. thought about migration? Hope that helps, Eva.
Thanks for the quick response.

Thanks for the response and it is not every-time blocking the IP Filter side.sometimes the same URL blocking.

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