SharePoint 1:1 sessions at Microsoft Ignite


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The OneDrive and SharePoint teams are offering a limited number of dedicated 1:1 technical sessions for individual customers attending Microsoft Ignite.


Sessions are 45 minutes long. If you are selected, you will meet with one or more experts (Microsoft product team members, consultants, or MVPs) to discuss your goals, get advice on current challenges, and envision how to enhance your solution using capabilities across Microsoft 365. 


Technical sessions are offered for the following categories. 


SharePoint and OneDrive Migration — Are you struggling to migrate content from on-premises to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business? Need help moving your My Sites to OneDrive for Business?  Let us know where you’re stuck and how we can help you move forward so your organization can take advantage of compelling collaboration and information protection capabilities. 


Moving from classic to modern experiences in SharePoint — The modern SharePoint experience is designed to be compelling, flexible, mobile, and easier to use. Are you ready to move from the classic experience to the modern experience? Are you wondering where to start, or would you like some advice on getting the most out of modern experience features like communication sites, hub sites, or team sites? Let us know how we can help you move forward with your assessment, planning, and implementation.


To be eligible to participate, your organization must meet the following criteria:  

  • Must be licensed for the capabilities.
  • You plan to implement these capabilities and you need help to move forward

To nominate your company or organization for a technical session, send e-mail to by Monday, September 10, 2018, and include the following information: 

  • Name of your company or organization. 
  • Contact information: name and title or role in your organization. 
  • One or two focus area(s) you are interested in and any specific questions you have about that area now.
  • Brief description of your solution goals and the challenges you’d like to discuss in the session (this will help us bring the right expert to your session).

Due to a limited number of available sessions for each focus area, not every customer will be accepted. We will review nominations and select those that best fit the focus area and that look like they will lead to a meaningful discussion for both the organization and Microsoft.  


Information that you share either in e-mail or during a solution session will be treated confidentially. If you are selected, we will contact you with the day and time of your session by September 14, 2018.   

We look forward to seeing you in September! 

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Were you or your company selected?  I would like to know which company MS assisted...  Thank You

Hi there, I have a question about columns. I want to create a column type: Person or Group with property Enforce unique values: YES, in SharePoint Online. The problem is that I can write down and choice the same person how many times I want without refuse; And I would like to have the name of a person just once. I thank you a lot for your help :D

There's an option to "Enforce Unique Values." Have you tried setting that to "Yes" to see if that meets your need?  

There is a mistake because we are in 2019 thank you for your interest.
Dear: Jessica Roa
Of course, I tried and used the error was about the time frame I bet, but no longer a problem you can find all the settings that fit your needs in the notifications on toolbars.