Shared Excel File Not Updating Live For View-Only Users on the Web

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Saw a few previous posts about this but nothing is really clear as far as solutions or if this is intended behavior. As described, one of my staff members shares an excel file with certain individuals for editing and for some people as view-only. All updates to the file are handled on Excel web app. Anyone with the edit permission sees the updates published live and in real time, but any staff with the view level permission do not see any updates at all, ever.


The file is on an individual user's personal OneDrive/SPO, so I'm not positive this is an issue with the document's unique permissions, since it's not impacting everyone. But does anyone know what causes this behavior, and is it intended? Do we need to make a custom permission level for this document? I would appreciate any feedback. I can't share the file here as it contains PHI but others have commented on this forum on this topic with similar circumstances.

Thank you in advance for any help.



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The worst part about this is that the users who need this transparent visibility is the fact that they only have the basic licensure.