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we are in the mix of a SharePoint migration, and i have found a slight pickle not sure how to deal with it!

So we have SHaregate (which is a god send) and i have used this to migrate literally everything from our 2010 SP site over to 365, but now were looking at moving Departments over to Teams/SharePoint.

I say Slash SharePoint as they will all be having a SharePoint site, if you can call it that, im still trying to understand all this!

I digress, so we have our department where we have a ridiculous amaount of folders and subfolders (talking at least 8 sub folders maybe more) and when i have tried copying over these straight into a library. left it overnight, being able to search for items within just doesnt work. 

even if its a item, within 1 level of a folder. 

what i want really is confirmation from a Microsoft person so i can tell my boss that we have to build our architecture before putting in these files! Not just dumping in loads of folders, its barbaric! in my opinion.. Its going to be a long process, especially for some departments, but I think its the only way.

Or is this a bug and microsoft does actually support folders now and content types and meta data are a thing of the past? 

if someone could just clarify I'm from an age of doing Migrations old school, and working on SharePoint from the beginning of time so I can take a hit or two, i just need to understand the new ways so I can mould it into our organisation correctly.


Thanks in advance!


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Hi @SharePintWorthy - there's typically no need to build your folders prior to migration. Folders, Content Types and Metadata are all supported in SharePoint Online. You may want to revisit your pre-migration reports to ensure that your file paths aren't too long Restrictions and limitations in OneDrive and SharePoint - Microsoft Support.


If you don't have the file path length issue, you may want to try indexing your library and then trying your search again.


Also, check library settings to ensure it's not suppressed from search results and that there aren't any unique permissions on the items you're searching for: 3 ways to prevent documents from appearing in search results in SharePoint | SharePoint Maven


Hope that helps!


I should of explained we are moving files from a Shared drive, not SharePoint at this point.
I have already checked settings for suppressed search etc. I do believe it is the file restrictions. i.e. The file length is too long. hoping to put in place an architecture plan and as I have proved this folder root is not viable I believe it's the best way, e.g. using content types and metadata and Quick links to views and further metadata filtering if necessary.
Appreciate your input, good to know there is someone out there!