Shared by others folder issues

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My work just switched everyone the sharepoint and my boss recently shared our project folder for which I input and edit more than anybody. It won’t let me upload directly into the folders and sub folders so I created an upload folder of my own in my work exchange account and it won’t let me move or copy into the project folder. Do I need to “request a site”? Because I already have edit permission and also the shared folder won’t show on my phone app or iPad app I literally have to be in the online (even when I’m logged onto the exchange account)
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It could be due to various reasons. Can you please provide some screenshots?

You need to be careful when using Sharing links, if you don't already have access to the folder by default, you have to make sure you always use the original sharing link to access the folder. If someone copied the URL from the folder once you were in it, or you bookmarked that location, you won't be able to edit document or access it never to you use that link because it won't go in via the Sharing security layer.

Thinking this might be getting you cause my users do the same thing sometimes, they will get to the resource then bookmark or copy the URL and ship it to someone else when that is just giving direct link to the location which doesn't use the "Share" link security that was defined.