Share specific folders with anonymous users

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We use SharePoint as the company file storage for all company and client project information and we need to share certain information (usually drawings, RAMS and progress sheets) with the field teams, however these generally aren't employees and we don't necessarily know every member of the subcontractors team that may need access to these documents.

We started with email but this is very cumbersome and not really the most efficient way of providing the latest info, nor did it allow any sort of collaboration.

Previously I tried Teams, but this is just creating issues as not all users are able to access this due to user credentials, or device type. We don't use Teams externally for anything other than sharing documents, so I have been looking for an easier method.

I have created a specific field team folder in the client folder and are looking to share this to anonymous users based on a password, allowing them to view and download but not edit. Master documents will be copied to this folder but always kept in another folder that is only internally available. I will further create a QR code for each project so the field team have quick and easy access to it.

How secure is this method, or is there another way of achieving this?

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