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Hello dear community,

I have a question regarding share point lists.


I created four groups in the Microsoft 365 admin center and filled them with members.
(Purchasing, sales, quality assurance and technology)

I now have a list with a Group Membership field. The members of the Purchasing group should see all items, but the members of the other three groups should only see items if the Group membership field also contains the appropriate value.

For example: Sales members should only see items if the value in the Group Membership field equals "Sales".


I hope I explained my problem clearly.
Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays.

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@Thomas_Scharf You can use Power automate flow on item creation/update which will break list item permissions and grant permissions to groups based on selection in "Group Membership" field.


Check my answer on this thread & see if it helps: View/edit rows in SharePoint List that only relevant to the specific team 


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