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please help me with setting up a home page for sharepoint. I would like to set up for all sharepoint users in my organization a common Home Page containing our main intranet site. Simply put, I would like everyone logging into sharepoint to have the first view of the page with our main site. Is this possible?


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Hi, I got the same issue. I also hope for an answer. I've set a homepage in the sharepoint admin center, but the home symbol still leads to the personal homepage of individual users instead of the communication site.

@MS_Friends yeah... :) 


I found an interesting article in the meantime on the subject: 


I am considering whether to put the intranet site on a separate domain. I'm looking into different options.


So conclusion is

A frequent request by many users is whether or not they can alter the URL to where the SharePoint link from Office 365 App Launcher is pointing to – and that is not possible. The Start Page is there for a reason. 

but the stupid users (sorry for that) I got will never be able to find the communication site I've setup and therefore will ask me all the time: Where do I find that and that.....

Yes, yes, yes! I have the same problem in my organisation :))))))))
I found a "somehow" solution for the issues. I just add the link to the recommended links in the bottom left on the "start page" to the hub page. Those links seem to be shared between all users.


Hi, you may need to change the root site to the home site you want.  I think the below video which probably can help you with your needs. Please check out the training video (check 38:10). Hope it helps.

Is your root site a Communication site?
You can set it as Home site from SP admin. Usually will be your home site. Create a site page and assign it as home page for that site. It will be your Intranet home page.

SharePoint start page is different from Intranet home. It lists all your recommended sites and sites you visit frequently.

@Magdalena125 Are you trying to set up a home site in SharePoint online?


You can set up a site as home site in SharePoint in two ways:

  1. Using PowerShell - Set up a home site in SharePoint Online 
  2. From SP Admin center - Set up a SharePoint home site from the SharePoint admin center 

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