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Hi Community,

I am fairly new to sharepoint. Hope to get help from the community. 


I have a team site created with company Members in EDIT permission at site level.
AS a site owner I created a list, where each member creates new item list , Line Manager is notified to approve or Reject the new item created( this is an order requisition list).

Each member sees only their created Item in the list and doesn't see others list.

**How can I create unique permission on this list where member sees only their own created item , Line Manager sees ALL Item submitted to them for approval and finally Procurement manager sees all other employees List Item Created.

  1. Member- sees only their created item.

  2. Line Manager - sees what is submitted to them for approval.

  3. Procurement manager - Sees overall List Items.


Followed the video (70) Setting Up Permissions on a SharePoint List View.wmv - YouTube still not able to achieve. 

Any pointer or help will be greatly appreciated.



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