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Hi all, 


I have built a leave request form as a sharepoint list with the goal of building more forms once I get this to work properly. 


The issue I have is that I am trying to share it internally with our staff in the company, I manage to share the site and they can then access the list. Is there a way to share just a list on its own instead of sharing the entire site ? 


Also, when sharing the list/site with users, I want them to only be able to fill in a new item. The permissions are read, edit, full control. Edit and full control gives users the permission to remove columns and edit other things in the list which I don't want them to be able to do. 


Is there a way to only give them the option to fill in the list form? 


Thank you 

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This is what you can do:

(1) For sharing only the list, you can only through list permissions. Just access the list administration and setup the permissions there...the downside is that you will have to share the list url with your users. With the new List App in Microsoft 365 (rolling out this month), sharing a list is much more simpler

(2) To enable users only to add an item, but not update it or delete it you need to create a custom permission level in the site, assign it to your users through a SharePoint / Security Group and them be sure that Group is configured in the list

Thank you @Juan Carlos González Martín 


I will give that a try. 



Another solution could be to use Microsoft Forms. The use Flows to push each response into the list. If you need the users to see or update the item at any point that won't work but you could then use more flows to update them on their requests without giving them access to the list. 

Thank you @Andrew Hodges 

Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín 


I tried implementing your suggestion but when I share the site with another user, that user can still add columns, delete columns etc from the list. I just want them to be able to fill in the form and submit it.


I created the custom permission level and assigned that permission to a new group which I created. The custom list permissions I chose are: Add items and View items. The site permissions are view pages and open.  I can't seem to work out what I'm doing wrong. I would appreciate it if you can please tell me what I'm missing. 


Thank you


list permissions.PNGsite permissions.PNG

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Once you have create the new permission level, you have to follow bellow steps:
(1) Navigate to your list and access the list settings
(2) In the list settings page, break inheritance and be sure to remove any permission given to the user that could cause he/she can modify your list
(3) Assign the permission level create to the Group where you are going to add your users. For instance, you could add the new permission to the standard Viewer Group
(4) Add users to the Group in the list
Thank you.
That worked.