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Hi all,

We've started to move our companies data onto SharePoint and the previous IT admin had set Teams for each department which has then created the SharePoint sites for them (I think this was what they decided to do during Covid lockdown) and so we now have a lot of different Teams sites which are working fine however we've been getting the managers/owners of each of these Teams to manage their own folder permissions and have showed them how to disable inheritance and set unique permissions but we've just found out that if they use the "share" option on a folder for a member of the Team (it could be "any" member) that they then override the unique permissions further down on any folder where it's been set and this person then has access to folders they shouldn't. I know it's best practice to keep the folders you want special permissions on at the top to avoid this but there is sometimes a need to allow users access to folders that have folders in them with unique permissions so (and this is where I'd like confirmation if that's ok) I have found that just using the "copy link" and then emailing that person the link then doesn't break unique permissions but then we need to manually give that person permission to that folder before hand so it's in effect a 2 stage task which again isn't a major problem but is this the best way to do it ?

Just to re-iterate then that the users that we want the managers to be able to manage are members of the Team for that site and we want the simplest way so they can give users permissions to folders within the Tree without affecting any folders further down with unique permissions ?

Also as a second thought that if anyone uses the "share" option on a folder with anyone outside of our company then I'm assuming this issue of extra permissions won't be in effect ?

I've looked through a lot of posts and although they describe in detail the outcomes of each task I've found it very confusing as to the easiest/best way to do this and regardless of the steps i'd

Hope this all makes sense.




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