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Is it possible to share a SharePoint view externally so that the external users cannot see the rest of the library?

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No, it is not
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Hi, You can create a new page with list web part with the view designed for external users and then direct them to the page instead of navigating them to the list.

@Sudharsan K @marionkd 


That would show them only the data you want them to but the external users would still have access to all the list data unless you permissioned each item in the list uniquely to the external users. 


You can achieve this with a Flow but I would always caution giving external users access to a list where there is data that they should be able to see in case of mistakes in the setup of that data. 


My advice - don't attempt it. 

As long as the external users are allowed to read but not contribute, it would make sense to have a page and then the list web part.

@Sudharsan K  thank you for this.  How to i connect the view to the list?  I am not seeing any information, so should i create the view within the list

@Andrew Hodges It is not the end of the world if they see the other specs but it is preferable to just show them the specs that are relevant for the products they are buying.



Then @Sudharsan K solution would work. Create a view on the List and filter by what you want to show external users, then add a list view web part to a page and give the users access to that page. 


You could send them straight to the list but that may confuse them if they start changing the views on the list. 

@Andrew Hodges  Thank you, I have already set up the views as I thought this would suffice for the company.  I have added a page, then added a list web page to that page, but i cannot connect the view to the list.  I went into List Settings and copied the url of the view into the path, but no documents are showing.  Is there anything else i need to do?  or am I doing it all wrong?



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