Share a Sharepoint list with subsites?


I have a sharepoint list - a master projects list used in libraries and lists with lookup. Can i host this list on my top level sharepoint site and share it with my 5 other sub-sites? Want to avoid maintaining it in 5 different places.

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@FrodeH  why not ceate the master list in Site Collection Managed metadata and then it is possible to use across subsites easily and you have to maintain only in 1 place

@SinhaKislay that is probably a very good idea, i forgot to mention that the list is syncronised from a sql database via flow so i@m locked to using lists.

Yes. You can add a nav link to it in a hub site assuming you have sub sites or some other way. But in the list with the data just go to list settings and you can go to list permissions and put in custom permissions you will need to stop inheritance on the list to do so. Once you do anyone you add or anyone in a security you you assigned can access only that list.