Share a library in different sites with different permissions

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I have a site collection with the following structure:

  • Site A (2 subsites);
  • Site B (11 subsites).

The subsites from site A have inherited permissions and the 11 subsites from Site B have broken inherited permissions.

Problem: i need to share lots of documents in site B to all 11 subsites. I was thinking doing that with one Library in site B and a library webpart in each 11 subsites. Because subsite users have different permissions they can't see the files in the library. Is there a way to solve this issue? How can i share the documents in this kind of site struture?

Thank you.

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Hello @SergioRocha 


are you in M365 or On-Prem?


I think the best way is, that you use item level permission in the library. Set the permissions with a workflow. After them, you can use a webpart, search, highlighted or content query, depending on the environment, on each subsite (please attention you have permission level limits). Oh or other solution: use folders with permission for a group of users and set permission on the folder, so the files inherited the permission from the folder.


Hope this helps.


Regards, Dave

Thank you @David Mehr for the replay. I'll test it.

I'm using On-prem.
It looks like the item level permission only works with lists, not with libraries.

Hello @SergioRocha ,


item or document level permissions works also on-prem with lists and libraries.


Regards, Dave