Setting user permissions for specific columns within a list

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First time working with Sharepoint/lists etc and am not even sure if what I want to achieve is possible.  I've created a list where users can submit requests, however I want 3 columns only to be accessible to specific users (approvers) who are approving these request - all columns need to be visible to all.


I'd also like to apply some logic to a column, based on the outcome of another column.  Eg a user makes a request, an approver reviews the request and updates the status to "more information required" at which point a comment box is available to the requestor to add further information


Any guidance appreciated!



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@goulp99 Unfortunately, SharePoint does not have user permissions for specific columns within a list.


You can try workarounds for disabling fields based on other fields like:

  1. Customize a Microsoft Lists or SharePoint form by using Power Apps and disable the related fields based on current logged in user
  2. When you disable fields from list forms using power apps, user might change those using "Edit in grid view" (Quick Edit) option in list, so you can disable this option from List settings Advanced settings
  3. If there are any other options in list command bar at the top which allows users to edit those columns, you can try hiding command bar options using JSON formatting 

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