Setting up SharePoint alert for entries tagged as "true"?

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So I have a SharePoint list with multiple item's that are being added daily.
There is a column that is marked as "True" when the entry is ready to be processed.

I want to get a daily e-mail alert for the specific entries that have been tagged as "true". 

Is there any way to accomplish this?

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@ErikSte Options for alerts in SharePoint:

  1. SharePoint "Alert me" feature: Does not support sending alert for specific column value
  2. Rules in SharePoint lists: Supports sending alert for specific column value. Alert will be sent immediately, does not support sending daily/weekly summary like alert me feature
  3. Power automate flow: You can run a scheduled power automate flow (daily/as per your requirements), which will capture the items changed to "True" and modified for current date and send email notification - This gives you flexibility to use custom email body for notification.

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