Setting up a wiki same as Confluence

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Good afternoon,


I'm trying to re-create all of our tech documents in sharepoint so we can centralise to office 365.


I've tried many different way but I think the only way maybe a news style site, but then I have the issue of navigation so have looked into metadata navigation. But none of this seem to do something confluence makes so easy.


What would you recommend?


Many Thanks


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I have the same question. How can we migrate from confluence to "something similar" in share point?
Missing features are:
- page navigation
- page hierarchy
- dispaly page tree inside a page
- among many others...

Please help!

@GianGian The wiki features that came with earlier versions of SharePoint were never very good and were a long way behind professional wiki products like Confluence, Wikidot, Wikimedia etc. Other than a very labour-intensive manual build using quick links buttons (which have to be created on each page) and perhaps a manual navigation approach using perhaps a list web part, there is really nothing you can do to replicate in SharePoint Online the features of Confluence.


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@Playford I'm 100% agreed with @RobElliott.


My suggestion is to use a complete different approach:

You may try using OneNote for Wiki Pages and store the OneNote notebook (file) on SharePoint in order to centralize the data