Setting role level view of SharePoint Online list items

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In our organization, we have a management hirerarchy




I want to create a SharePoint list and give permissions based on their roles I.e. Manager will be able to view the entire List data and Employee1 is able to view his data and Trainee1 and Trainee2 data. Same with Employee2

And the Trainees are only able to view their data.

Is it possible to set a hierarchy?.

if possible, How?

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@eldocg  you can create lists and link them to define this hierarchy then using Microsoft flow you can then automatically adjust permissions when item is created or manually set permissions after you stop inheriting permissions of your list/library


@John Naguib , yeah he's right but I would advise that create departments. That way you can control who has access to which document. 


@eldocg  Je vous conseille de travailler avec les dossiers même s'il s'agit d'une liste et non d'une bibliothèque de documents et gérer les autorisations sur ces derniers.