Setting a site with web template STS#3 as the home site


Our root site collection is a modern team site, with the web template id of STS#3. We would like to set this as the Home Site. That way, when staff click on the SharePoint app tile, they will be taken to the home page in the root site collection.


However, you can only set your home site to a Communications site. The command to convert a SharePoint team site to a communications site only works on the classic team site web template (STS#0). 


Is there any workaround for this? I know we can swap out the root site collection, but that would require us to migrate all of our existing content from the current root to a new site collection and then swap. 


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Unfortunately no workaround, once a site is create, the template used behind the scenes cannot be changed
Thanks Juan. Out of curiosity, do you know what prevents an STS#3 site from being converted to a Communications site?
I believe site swap with Comm site is the way to go even though it involves content migration. Also, setting a site as Home site does not route SharePoint tile to root site home page.
Hi Ivan,
It's by design, once you create a SPO site with a base template, you cannot convert to a different template...but coming back to modernizing a site (Note: Modernizing is not converting), Microsoft only provides support to convert classic SPO sites into modern ones using PowerShell: