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I created a landing page for our company. Then I set this landing page as HomeSite, useing SP Online Management shell. I received this confirmation "The Home site has been set to my landing page URL. It may take some time for the...". It has been two, and whenever I click the Sharepoint icon at the top-bar or from the app launcher, it still directs me to Sharepoint default start page. I attached the code i used in SPO Management Shell, was there something wrong, or is it takes a while?




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That is not one of the Home site super powers. It sets the site as the root site for your tenant (, not the SharePoint app icon. It also sets the site as the link for the home icon on the mobile app. And soon, it will allow you to bring the site into the Home Site app in Teams and allow you to define global navigation for SharePoint. You can also set the site as the URL destination for the logo in the Microsoft 365 suite bar to give the site a boost in visibility.