Set View Level permissions for a Document Library for different user groups

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Hi, I have a requirement to display different views of same Document Library 'Orders' to the logged in user based on the User group that the user belongs to.


Suppose I have a user 'abc' belonging to Group A, is suppose to view only the documents in the Document Library 'Orders' that are assigned to him (user 'abc'). Whereas another user 'xyz' belonging to Group B, is able to view all the Documents within the Document Library 'Orders', irrespective of documents assigned to any user of Group A. How do I accomplish this using SharePoint Online? 


Your help is deeply appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi @Shruti_Naik ,


A view can be filtered by the current user . The question here is can the user see the other documents that aren't assigned to them if they search or look at another view in the document library.


If we talk more about what the users have permissions to then 1 view could be used to show the users what orders they have permissions to see.  On item creation kick off a workflow in Power Automate and permission the documents accordingly.