Set o change Hub Site Header and also bring home in with logo image in one line


Hello All,


I saw the blog and noticed the following header, The yellow highlighted text in top bar, Is there any way to yellow highlighted text. I know it is title of Hub Site, is there any way to change with different text, so it should display for all the site collection. Secondly if see red box below and other navigation, in my case it is showing under images, not in same line, how can I also make it in one line.






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@Avi65 Unfortunately, you cannot add background color to the hub site title using SharePoint out of the box capabilities.


For changing the text, you can hide the default hub site name from navigation and then add a new navigation link with your own test and link to hub site. Follow this blog by @Marc AndersonShowing the Intranet’s Link in the App Bar’s Global Navigation 


To show the navigation links in same line as of site title, use Compact header layout. Check: New Site Header Options are coming to SharePoint Online 

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Thank for information.

However Second URl contents, I did not found any option for setting kind of layout as mentioned in the post. A I missing anything or it is still in roll out phase.

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@Avi65 Follow these steps:

  • Go to your SharePoint online site 
  • Click settings (gear) icon from top right corner
  • Select change the look
  • Select Header and you will see the availabile site header layouts 
Thanks, I was checking on sub site level instead of Site collection level.