Set folder permissions to only show the logged in user what they've created




Is it possible to set a document library's folder permissions to show the logged in user only what they have created, instead of all items in the folder uploaded by all users? I have done this before with Lists but am not seeing the option to do so with folders...


We have users uploading files to this specific location constantly, so editing permissions on a per item level will not help us here.


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What you can do is create a view where you apply that filter.


@Juan Carlos González Martín  has made the perfect solution but to add a little info that may help.  If you want this functionality to make the uploads easier than a view will be perfect.  It's important to note that views are exactly that, a viewing mechanism to simply view and arrange data  They won't prevent users toggling to alternative views or creating thier own if they want to see documents that they didn't create or upload.


And you are correct on seeing this functionality within a list.  I've had plenty of scenarios where it would have been a perfect solution in a document library.

Hi @Steven Andrews and @Juan Carlos González Martín  thank you both for the prompt responses! 


To your point @Steven Andrews the View creation seems quick and painless, but because the items we are trying to hide from each other could be confidential or sensitive, we don't want the users to have the ability to toggle views to "All Documents" for example. Any way to avoid this to your knowledge?



Hi @Steven Andrews - I just noticed that this view applies to the entire document library and not just the specific folder I want the view to be applied to. Do you have any suggestions for this? 




The only folder type that you can apply views to would be Document Sets.  When I last looked these didn't work all that well with Modern Libraries.